high quality high security container seal free sample cable seal SY-039

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high quality high security container seal free sample cable seal SY-039


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● Lock body composed of aluminum alloy cover and zinc alloy lock mechanism
● Ф2.5 mm non-performed galvanized cable unravels when cut against resealing and tamper
● Fasten the complete seal with an unique nail on the seal cover’s back to increase security
● Self-locking system easily to lock by hand
● Permanent laser marking for the highest printing security
● Standard exposed cable length of 25cm, meantime with adjustable cable length

Customized Options

● Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode (Laser Marking)
● Standard colors of blue, yellow or other available customized colors
● Customized cable length available upon request


● Security → Doors of trailers and trucks, Cars, Vans, Tankers, Storage cabinets, Pipelines, High value or dangerous cargo
● Industries → Transportation, Power companies, Chemicals, Military, Banking, Customs, Healthcare, Food and beverage

Instructions for Use

● Loop the cable through the item to be sealed.
● Insert and pull the cable through the locking chamber.
● Pull the cable all the way through the body until the item is tightly sealed.
● Verify that the security seal is sealed.
● Record the seal number to control security.


● By cable cutters


Material Lock Body → Aluminum alloy cover & zinc alloy lock mechanism

Cable → Galvanized steel wire

Size Check the above drawing
Colors Blue (Standard), Yellow (Standard) or other available colors
Printing Method Laser marking
Customization Printing → Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode
Strength Category ≥ 6.0KN (Security Seal, ISO)

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The development of cable Seal has a history of nearly 100 years, and the appearance and material of products have gradually extended a variety of styles with the needs of social development. Among them, the steel wire seals are divided into two types: ABS plastic steel wire seals and aluminum alloy steel wire seals based on the different shell materials. Although they have different shapes and materials, the methods used are roughly the same. What are the different advantages of steel wire seals with different materials?

Take the square steel wire seal for example. It is a common cable Sealing product among the types of plastic steel wire seals. Most of them are used in equipment sealing and goods binding. Its external wrapping of ABS plastic can reduce the cost of the shell. More importantly, it can change the color of the plastic arbitrarily. Replacing metal with ABS plastic can also reduce the weight of the cable Seal. However, it is precisely because of the wrapping of the plastic shell that the plastic steel wire seal can be used in a relatively harsh environment. The plastic shell will not cause oxidation reaction and will not be corroded. The above information can not be seen clearly.

In addition to the plastic shell, the most common is the aluminum alloy shell. The aluminum alloy steel wire seal is wrapped with the aluminum alloy shell. It is also a common steel wire seal product, which is often used for sealing container turnover vehicles and Van trucks. Its shell is made of aluminum and has bright color after oxidation spraying. The material made of aluminum alloy has good hardness and can withstand the collision during long-term transportation. Moreover, the steel wire used for aluminum alloy steel wire seal is aviation steel wire rope with thicker diameter and strong tensile strength.

Selecting appropriate cable Sealing products according to different industries can be more convenient for use and management.

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