customized number plastic seals lock cable tie SY-023

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customized number plastic seals lock cable tie SY-023


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● Lock body made of zinc alloy for enhanced durability
● High-impact ABS plastic coating for visible tamper evidence
● Ф1.8mm non-performed galvanized cable unravels when cut against resealing and tamper
● Self-locking system easily to lock by hand
● Standard exposed cable length of 25cm, meantime with adjustable cable length

Customized Options

● Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode (Hot Stamping / Laser Marking)
● Standard colors of white, yellow or other available customized colors
● Customized cable length available upon request


● Security → Doors of trailers and trucks, Cars, Vans, Tankers, Storage cabinets, Pipelines, High value or dangerous cargo
● Industries → Transportation, Power companies, Chemicals, Military, Banking, Customs, Healthcare, Food and beverage

Instructions for Use

● Loop the cable through the item to be sealed.
● Insert and pull the cable through the locking chamber.
● Pull the cable all the way through the body until the item is tightly sealed.
● Verify that the security seal is sealed.
● Record the seal number to control security.


● By cable cutters


Material Lock Body → Zinc alloy lock cover & ABS coatingCable → Galvanized steel wire
Size Check the above drawing
Colors White (Standard), Yellow (Standard) or other available colors
Printing Method Hot stamping or Laser marking
Customization Printing → Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode (Laser)
Strength Category ≥ 3.5KN (Security Seal, ISO)

Plastic seal is a common lead sealing product. It appears in our daily life and is of great help to our work days. Each steel wire seal has a number on it, so that it will not be changed. In short, the purpose of blockade is a one-time lock to prevent others from contacting. People always confuse plastic seals with ties, but in practice they are quite different. Plastic seals are very different from ties in terms of material, appearance and function. It can be said that disposable plastic seals are a completely upgraded version of ties.
PP, PC, PE and other materials are commonly used for plastic seals. Through injection molding with different molds (Title: mother of industry), the nameplate of plastic seals can be much larger than that of ties. The sealing and locking of intelligent lead seal are completed at one time, with special functions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, safety and insurance. RFID electronic lead seal is made of PP plastic by one-time injection molding. Steel sheet is sandwiched in the seal. The product is unchanged at minus 45 degrees and above zero 50 degrees. The surface is stamped or laser marked, serial number and bar code. The locking rod is a 2 * 5 flat rod. It can be adjusted and tightened freely during sealing. The color can be made into red, blue, green and yellow, or other colors according to user requirements. The tensile force can reach f ≥ 60kg. In addition, it can add laser engraving (the general name of the three creation methods of engraving, engraving and plastic) powder to the plastic seal. It can laser engrave the text and bar code required, so it is convenient to use the handheld terminal for query and accounting in the later stage. The buckle method of the plastic seal is much more than the tie belt, and the tie belt only needs the general toothed belt buckle.
The plastic seal has a variety of locking methods, such as snap type, bolt type, pull-out type, etc. and the current plastic seal will add stainless steel pieces in the local area of the lock to prevent man-made damage and deliberately retreat the seal, which is safer in practice than the tie. The role of the plastic seal: the elastic pieces inside the lock body of the plastic seal are made of A3 stainless steel with high strength (strength) large, with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
After the seal is locked, the tension between the seal belt and the shrapnel is twice as large as that of the general one-time formed products, which makes it safer to close the sealed box and can effectively prevent the goods from being dropped. The plastic seal is packed in thickened PE transparent packaging bag, and the outer package is pasted with printed digital labels, which can make it easier and intuitive for customers to access the products. The quality of the plastic seal is reliable and the environment is good Protect, do not release toxic gases, and staff will not be allergic to hand contact.

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